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Peter Bennett cats22 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 27 17:03:31 UTC 2014

To answer some points on this long thread. Sorry for the delay in replying. 

You do not need to get an IR receiver plugged into the the back of the STB. The IguanaIR or whatever blaster you get c omes with an IR transmitter that transmits directly to the front of the set top box. If you get the dual socket Iguana IR model , you need to order the transmitter as well. You plug the wire into the Iguana IR and stick the transm itter to the front of the set top box. 

Regarding whether my scripts will work with the mceusb remote -I have two MCE remotes from Amazon.com. They work great for controlling myth tv, but they do nothing t o help with controlling the set top box. To control the set top box you need an IR blaster. I spent a long time looking for an MCE remote that had an IR blaster and never found one. 

Regarding this question - 

@Peter. One more quick question. I was just looking at the IguanaIR ( 
http://iguanaworks.net/products/usb-ir-transceiver/ ) and I have a question. 
How does the set up with something like this work. Do I plug the IguanaIR 
into my Myth PC or in the STB. Also if it goes into my Myth PC don't I 
still need some sort of IR Emmitter do get it to communicate with the STB? 

You plug the IguanaIR into the mythtv box, any available USB port. There are different models of Iguana IR, dual socket or dual led. If you have the dual s oc ket you also need to buy an emitter which you plug into the Iguana and stick on the front of your set top box. If you get dual IR you have to position the iguana IR in front of the set top box, so you will need a USB extender. I recommend the dual socket . You can order the IR emitter also from the Iguana site or from other places. 

Apart from plugging it in you need to do a lot of installing and configuring. Everything that I did is on the site with the script, but you may have a different set top box so need a different lirc file. Comcast actually have different remotes that look identical but use different codes, so mine may be different from yours. 

Using the Iguana you can also create your own lirc file if one is not available for download. 

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