[mythtv-users] Do HD channels fallback to SD on tuning problems ? [was: multiple transmitters - same channel]

Xander lexvictory at yahoo.com.au
Mon Mar 24 04:05:05 UTC 2014

Apologies for nuking the message history; using the terrible Yahoo webmail.

For finding frequencies, you'd be better off using the government's sites: (cant seem to get it to function at work tho today)
"You can use mySwitch for technical 
information regarding TV signals in your area, including frequency, 
licensing, polarisation and coordinate details. To do so, click on the 
link below and then click on 'More coverage information' in the 
'Coverage summary' section on the left. Scroll down to the 'Technical 
information for (your area)' section. "

As for bothering with SBS HD; last I knew it was 99% upscaled SD - has this changed?
Freeview's EPG doesn't mark anything on the 720p channels as HD as far as I can tell...

Can you describe how you know Myth switches to the SD channel? I don't quite understand that myself (or have missed something)
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