[mythtv-users] Over scan hides left edge of setup screens

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sat Mar 22 23:30:48 UTC 2014

On Mar 22, 2014, at 15:25, Dick Steffens <dick at dicksteffens.com> wrote:

> Weeks ago I wrote about how my Panasonic TV doesn't have a way to turn off over scan. The best recommendation from this group was to choose the TV mode it does provide that works best and go with that. I am happy with that for watching TV programs and videos. For HD programming I us the Full setting, and for SD programming I use the Zoom setting. I don't miss what I'm not seeing around the edges.

If your TV does not support pixel-accurate display, use the display wizard to define the viewable extents of your screen.  Zoom modes are only to correct for video, not hardware.

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