[mythtv-users] Over scan hides left edge of setup screens

Dick Steffens dick at dicksteffens.com
Sat Mar 22 20:25:23 UTC 2014

Weeks ago I wrote about how my Panasonic TV doesn't have a way to turn 
off over scan. The best recommendation from this group was to choose the 
TV mode it does provide that works best and go with that. I am happy 
with that for watching TV programs and videos. For HD programming I us 
the Full setting, and for SD programming I use the Zoom setting. I don't 
miss what I'm not seeing around the edges.

The place where I have a problem is on the non-TV or video screens. 
Often there is necessary content off to the left, and sometimes off to 
the right, top, or bottom. The screens where it's most noticeable are 
the ones where I click on check boxes to include or exclude channels 
from my Favorites. I have to count as I click up or down to know which 
line I'm on. And, when I select one from the left most column, I just 
have to trust that I got it right. (I miss counted the other day and 
turned off a channel I wanted and turned on one that I didn't.)

Is there some other way to access and modify the list of channels to be 
included in Favorites, other than from the setup screen in the front end?


Dick Steffens

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