[mythtv-users] "Record Only This Showing" & duplicate matching

Mark Perkins perkins1724 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 22 04:08:16 UTC 2014

> That was my understanding of the earlier comment in this thread from Mike, that the display was reporting that it would work when in fact it wouldn't work. Will see later this evening.
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Both episodes recorded successfully. But I'm not really in a position to test on trunk.

A little while Jean-Yves detailed a process to do a test install of MythTV to check for problems before pushing into production. Essentially it was:
$./configure --switches --prefix=/usr/local/mythtv-dev
$sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/mythtv-dev
$make install

If I do this to trunk (where I am currently on fixes/0.27) is it going to upgrade my mythconverg database to something that fixes/0.27 can't use? Or is the database always kept in step between fixes/0.27 and trunk?

I don't want to accidentally kill my production system, it runs really smoothly...
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