[mythtv-users] multiple transmitters - same channel

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Mar 19 12:54:07 UTC 2014

Mike Perkins <mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk> wrote:

> This is the same problem I face in the UK. The way I resolve it here is:
> 1. Check online to find out what frequencies your preferred transmitter is using.
> 2. Do a scan-all and see if any of those frequencies are picked up. In 'Transport Editor' keep one and delete the rest.
> 2a. If your preferred transmitter isn't picked up (unlikely since it will be the strongest signal) you'll have to edit one of the other entries and try with that.
> 3. In Channel Editor, delete every channel found. This will prevent 'ghost' channels causing confusion later. (I have been known to do this using mysqladmin but don't tell the devs.)
> 4. Do a 'Scan specific Transport' selecting the frequency you picked up, ticking the box for using associated frequencies (I forget the wording).

If you already know a frequency then just delete all channels and transports, scan a specific frequency and select the related transports option. Though for some reason, I find it more reliable to scan each transport individually - doing a "delete all channels, scan existing transports" seems to miss some channels on my hardware (HVR1300 IIRC).

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