[mythtv-users] Recordings are all 1 minute long

Mark Perkins perkins1724 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 19 12:14:37 UTC 2014

> On 19 Mar 2014, at 9:57 pm, "Mike Dillon" <mdillon2218 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since about March 6, all my recordings are 1 minute long.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, I thank you in advance for your help.
> Installed: 2:0.25.2+fixes.20120802.46cab93-0ubuntu1
> HD Homerun HDHR3
> _______________________________________________
My first guess (very very long shot) - maybe storage drive filling up? Records for a minute then is full so stops. You delete the recording because it's only a min long which makes space for another minute? Probably not likely but best I can think of.

Is the HDHR3 a network tuner? Maybe network problems / congestion that starve the recording of data so it terminates?

But then again if it was either of these there would be a bunch of warnings / errors in the logs. I assume you have checked the logs and not found anything obvious?

Maybe I should ask for log first and guess second. Probably more fun this way though.

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