[mythtv-users] multiple transmitters - same channel

myth mythtv at cain.id.au
Wed Mar 19 04:00:35 UTC 2014

> > I have been using Mythtv for some years, however, recently here in
> > Sydney Australia they have been retuning the digital (DVB) transmit
> > frequencies.So I took the opportunity to re-scan my channels.However,
> > I am in range of a number a transmitters and in some instances they
> > are carrying the same services but signal strength and quality varies
> > between them.
> > I allocated different channels for the different transmitters in
> order
> > to compare the quality of my reception from each source.However, I
> > believe myth is not tuning to each but defaulting to a particular
> > transmitter, regardless of the channel selected.
> > So I had a look at some of the tables in mythconverg to try to
> > determine why that may be.When checking channelscan_channel and
> > channelscan_dtv_multiplex it appears that the latest scan correctly
> > identify the same channel information with multiple entries for each
> > frequency.I also checked dtv_multiplex, however, this table did not
> > have all the available frequencies listed.It would seem that where
> > transportid and networkid are identical for two different frequencies
> > then only one of the frequencies is shown.
> > So my questions are;
> > Can mythtv show the same channel (2 channels with identical
> > transportid, networkid and serviceid)but on different frequencies?
> > If not how can you choose which transmitter between multiples
> > transmitting the same channels?
> > -Andrew
> I think the channels you finally can see are defined by your linking to
> received xmltv info. I don't know if you can link the same xmltv info
> to more than one channel, only that one xmltv source has to be linked
> to one physical source. If you receive one channel twice through one
> physical source, link xmltv to the strongest.

Xmltv is not used.  I use EIT for program data.  I understand where you have
2 sources that are the same they can be linked using the callsign and
channel number.  However this is not what I am describing.  I have 2 sources
that are only different by their transmit frequencies.  However, mythtv
seems to assign both the same frequency.  I think it is whichever frequency
was last scanned?


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