[mythtv-users] Two files after transcoding

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 20:39:04 UTC 2014

On 03/16/2014 03:28 PM, Mike Perkins wrote:
> On 16/03/14 19:27, Bill Meek wrote:
>> On 03/16/2014 02:05 PM, Daryl McDonald wrote:
>>> After transcoding recordings, I'm left with two files...
>> In mythtv-setup, check the setting: "Save original files after transcoding
>> (globally)".
> I think he meant uncheck the setting...
> Of course, you only want to do this once you have satisfied yourself that the transcode results are worth keeping.

Actually, I meant check as in inspect. [always searching for the most
ambiguous answer]

And I suspect the previously saved copies won't be deleted, but I don't
use the feature (responding to Daryl's follow-up question.)


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