[mythtv-users] Frontend started crashing after migrating DB from Mythbuntu 10.04 to MB12.04

Hika van den Hoven hikavdh at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 16:21:41 UTC 2014

Hoi Craig,

Saturday, March 15, 2014, 5:02:13 PM, you wrote:

> I'm starting (finally) to migrate from stable 10.04 system to 12.04
> in preparation for jumping on 14.04 when it comes out.  I got the
> MB12.04 system installed on a separate HD in the same system
> (swapping drives between power cycles), and everything was working,
> including mythfrontend startup.  Then I dropped the empty database
> and reloaded it with a copy of the database from the MB10.04 system.
> It looked like it upgraded ok, but I can't get mythfrontend to open
> up.  It blanks the screen on startup, but after something like a
> minute it just quits.  I haven't been able to figure out what is
> happening and barring suggestions from the mailing list, I'm about
> ready to wipe the HD and start over with the MB12.04 install, taking
> advantage of my notes for the steps I took to get this far the first
> time.  Here are pastebin links to the logs for the back and front ends:

> mythfrontend.log
> mythbackend.log

> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

> --

> Craig.

It can't find some things in /home/mythtvuser/.mythtv/
It also can't find your theme.
Try starting with a default theme:
mythfrontend --override-setting Theme=Terra

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