[mythtv-users] MCE remote and Mythbuntu

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Mar 14 17:46:01 UTC 2014

On 14/03/14 15:46, Karl Newman wrote:
> I've had various problems with my USB IR receiver/blaster which the
> manufacturer claims to be a problem with the USB host interface (even
> though no other device has problems with it...). Their tech support
> recommended that I use a USB hub in between the receiver and motherboard.
> The problems were mostly mitigated when I upgraded the motherboard, but I
> still ran into occasional device lockups which required a reboot to revive
> (unplug/replug was not enough), but I re-installed the USB hub and it
> hasn't happened since. Might be something to consider if you're having USB
> receiver problems.
That sounds to me like a power problem - the manufacturer probably thinks that 
if you use a hub it will have a dedicated power supply rather than taking it 
from the motherboard.

(This might mean that the device is taking more power than the standard allows. 
They aren't going to admit to that, are they?)

You might find that a particular set of USB ports or headers on your motherboard 
can supply more power than other ports. Your motherboard manual may help you 
with this. Also, ensure that nothing else is using the motherboard port set you 
connect the receiver to, thus diluting the available power.


Mike Perkins

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