[mythtv-users] How to properly set up transcode for Android frontend streaming?

steve networks1 at cox.net
Sun Mar 9 20:02:00 UTC 2014

I would like to set up automatic transcoding for my recordings so they 
will play on the MythtV Android Frontend without waiting.  Can someone 
advise me the bast way to go about this?  I was looking at the docs for 
transcoding.  The automatic transcode replaces the original file, and I 
don't want to do that (at least I don't think I do--want to preserve the 
HD recordings for viewing off the primary frontend).  Instead I want a 
copy at lower resolution for streaming, and I assume I need the 
command-line version of transcoding for this.  However, there are a lot 
of options and I'm not sure which ones to pick for this purpose, and I'm 
not sure how to make command line transcoding run after commercial 
flagging.  I also would prefer to have one cop deleted when the other 
one is deleted, and I'm not sure how to make that happen.  Any advice 

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