[mythtv-users] MythMusic + Default Tree View

Angela angela.schmid at wolke7.net
Sun Mar 9 15:26:19 UTC 2014

Hello Paul

>It used to always start playing after the playlist was changed but it was
changed at the request of Stuart M. who reasoned that if you stop or pause
playback you don't want it to automatically restart without you telling it
to. Might have to come up with some sort of compromise.

When I enter play music, music plays. When I go into the edit tree and
select a node and select replace tracks, the music stops playing. Pressing
play does not do anything. I need to move focus to the list and press
select, and then it plays.
Tested with today's fixes/0.27.
As the music is playing, I would expect when replacing the tracks, it would
play automatically. Any reason why it doesn't.
Can you point me to the location to change this behavior, so at the minimum
I can make my own changes.

I opened the following bugfixes related to MythMusic last month. All relate
to resume issues, could you please have a look.

#12061: Patch - Bug Fix: Music Mini Player restarts playback on an old saved
position (new)

#12062: Bug Report General: MythMusic returning from TV/video playback fails
to seek correct (new) (is a Bug Fix)

#12063: Patch - Bug Fix: MythMusic: Does not release audio decoder when
music paused and tv ... (new)


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