[mythtv-users] MythMusic + Default Tree View

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Sun Mar 9 13:41:40 UTC 2014

On 08/03/14 00:27, Troy Henderson wrote:
>     Is it worth considering that there may be a difference between
>     entering
>     MythMusic onto the "Current Playlist" screen vs the "Select Music"
>     screen?  I believe that Troy has set up his theme so that he is
>     entering the "Edit playlist Tree View" screen, which may be more
>     sensible
>     to not auto-play on entering.  Certainly it does seem that entering on
>     the "Current Playlist" screen (Normally "Listen to Music" in the
>     menus)
>     it would seem natural to resume playing.
> I could not have said it better myself (in fact, perhaps I did not say 
> it clearly enough).  I also agree with Paul that "Off" should mean 
> "don't start playing at all" whereas "First" should mean "start 
> playing the first track in the playlist".
> Thanks for the flexibility in development.
> Troy

I've changed 'Off' to mean never resume and added a 'First' mode that 
will resume from the first track. This is in both fixes-0.27 and master.

In master I've also added the option to choose different resume modes 
for the playback, playlist editor and radio playback screens. So each 
can behave differently if that is what you want. With the theme changes 
it's a little to invasive to backport to fixes so you will have to patch 
it yourself or wait for 0.28

Paul H.

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