[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun Prime questions

Phil Staub phil at staub.us
Fri Mar 7 04:04:13 UTC 2014

Since installing an HDHomeRun Prime with cable card, I've been struggling
with some issues that I can best describe as stability problems that I'm
trying to work through. I'm sure there are multiple things going wrong, and
I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm pretty new to the community, so if
I've missed some resources in attempting to track down my problems, nudges
in the right direction would be appreciated.

A bit of history:

First, this a Ubuntu 12.04 system with MythTV 0.27 built and installed from
sources. My cable provider is Cox in Las Vegas. The HDHomeRun firmware is
20140121. The cable card is a Cisco.

After going through the setup process, I end up with a MythTV system that
works fine with some channels, but has various problems with others:
channels that fail to tune and crash with an error message about
'unrecoverable tuner error'. Once this happens, I have to exit mythfrontend
(usually by killing the process, because the gui is locked up) and restart
it to recover. There are also some issues with recording programs, but I
decided to get basic tv operation working first.

Attempting to eliminate some variables, I fell back to the
hdhomerun_config_gui utility to directly tune the HDHomeRun, and confirm
that I could receive all the expected channels.

I started with a channel lineup of my cable channels and the output of the
HDHomeRun scan that gave me the us-cable channel and program for *most* of
the channels listed in the channel lineup. Using the gui, I attempted to
tune each one.

Most of them tune fine, but I find that on a handful of them (about 2 dozen
out of 305 available channels), the tuner will play fine for 2 to 5 seconds
and then lock up. On a few more, the tuner fails to play anything. I don't
think the problem is signal strength; the gui indicates at least as high on
some of the channels that freeze as on some that don't. The signal quality
and symbol quality indicators are also at 100%.

Also, my comment above about the cable lineup and the scanned channels not
completely corresponding is something else I'm wondering about. Out of the
305 channels in the channel lineup, there seemed to be no corresponding
channel in the hdhomerun scan for about 50 channels. The channel scan did,
however, find some odd program numbers that seemed to correspond to some of
the missing channels in the lineup when I tune them.

So my question is who to ask get this resolved: The cable company or
SiliconDust? Or maybe I need to set something on the HDHomeRun Prime?

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