[mythtv-users] Advice on clean install/upgrade of OS an MythTV?

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Thu Mar 6 23:55:34 UTC 2014

Thanks for the detailed reply.  Did not know about systemd. Does Mythtv
work with it OK, i.e.  for backend startup, mythfilldatabase, etc., or
would I need to configure all that myself?
On Mar 5, 2014 7:40 PM, "R. G. Newbury" <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:

> On 05/03/14 09:51 AM, Simon Hobson wrote:
>> DryHeat122 . <dryheat122 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Yes, I've been thinking about making the switch.  I've really got no
>>> reason to favor Fedora except experience with it. And I don't use the
>>> machine for anything but MythTV.  So there is nothing that would happen to
>>> hose the existing recordings, i.e. a change in XFS or something, if I
>>> reinstall with Mythbuntu?
>> Just keep the drive as it is, and as long as whatever you install
>> supports XFS then it'll "just work".
>> If you want to change filesystem then unless there is an in-place upgrade
>> path you will need to copy the recordings elsewhere, reformat the
>> partition, and then copy them back again. Even if there is an in-place
>> option, having a backup would be "prudent".
>> The main thing to watch is a "use the whole disk ..." option where the
>> installer will just do it's own thing and use whatever is there (parsonally
>> I always manually partition my drives). It may be safer to unplug your
>> recordings drive while doing the install - then you'll need to manually add
>> an extra line to /etc/fstab later to make it auto mount.
> I have been running Mythtv with Fedora since F4. Now running F20 on the
> laptop and work desktop which have myth installed for "testing" purposes
> only (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). The actual mythbox presently
> runs F17, but will be upgraded this weekend (as I waited until the Olympics
> were over!)
> Pre-install.
> You have lots of space on the second drive. Rsync your /etc and
> /home/mythtv folders into your video drive. Save yourself the brain cycles
> of trying to remember *exactly* what your /etc/fstab and /etc/hosts files
> contained, especially the settings for the xfs partition!
> Rsync the /var/lib/mysql folder onto the video drive. That would be the
> mythconverg database!
> You can leave the sdb drive in place. Just do not select to format it.
> Regarding your main drive, you should consider re-partitioning it to
> protect your installation.
> I prefer to do any partitioning before the install, using a live-cd/USB
> and gparted. For safety/recovery purposes, /, /home and /var must be on
> separate partitions. If /var is on the root partition, an error log
> 'run-away' which fills the partition will destroy the install AND your
> database without chance of recovery!
> Note also that Fedora (and ubuntu also I believe) re-format /var as a
> matter of course on an install... so things which you thought would be
> preserved may not be!
> So /var should be its own partition, AND /var/lib/mysql should be a
> symlink to, say, /home/mysql. This setup allows a re-install to format /
> and /var, without affecting the mythconverg database. Using this route you
> do not even need to do a 'backup and restore' of the database. But make a
> backup just in case.
> With 4Gig of RAM on the mythbox, I have not run a swap partition for many
> years. But note, I do not shut-down, or hibernate the system on a daily
> basis. If you want to do that, then a swap partition is desirable.
> I create a /usr/local partition too, to keep all the extra stuff that I
> want, such as a copy of MythCenter-wide with my own edits, the git clone
> version of master which I am running etc. Both /var and /usr/local
> So I have 4 primary partitions on the OS drive: /, /home, /usr/local and
> /var.
> The F20 install is a little different than previous but not greatly so.
> You are presented with a page of options, and you select and complete each
> before starting the install itself.
> You will be presented with a choice of hard drive to install on, and then
> on another page, presented with partitioning choices. You will want to
> select 'Custom partitioning'. If you have pre-partitioned, then you will
> just confirm the partitions, and mark / and /var for formatting (if
> re-installing: obviously on the first install, you will format all
> partitions)
> Otherwise it is a straightforward Fedora install. However, if you have not
> dealt with systemd before, there will be a bit of learning curve! And mysql
> has been replaced with mariadb, but the executable is still called mysql!
> However, the setup for myth remains the same as you are used to except for
> systemd.
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