[mythtv-users] Advice on clean install/upgrade of OS an MythTV?

Will Dormann wdormann at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 14:25:30 UTC 2014

On 3/5/14, 8:13 AM, DryHeat122 . wrote:
> One question is whether I can install FC 20 and MythTV on /dev/sda and
> preserve the videos on /dev/sdb, or whether I need to back up the videos
> to an external drive, format both drives, and start over.

Your database tells mythtv where the recordings live.  As long as you
don't clobber that drive during OS install (it shouldn't, unless you
make a mistake), you should be fine.   My recordings live on a NAS, and
the database is all that matters.

> Another question is whether FC 20 is the best choice, i.e. is it working
> OK with MythTV, or should I maybe use FC 19 instead.

I've never been a Fedora fan.  Mythbuntu seems to be the past of least
resistance to getting a mythtv system up an running, IMO.

> A final question is whether there is anything I can do on the new
> install to address an audio stuttering issue I have been having on the
> existing setup.

Try looking through these options:

If it happens during panning scenes, I'd suspect that it's a video
problem (wrong drivers / inoptimal settings / weak hardware) as opposed
to an I/O thing.  You could also be using a deinterlacer that your
system is too weak to handle.

dstat while playing such a video can tell you where your resource
constraints are.

See also:


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