[mythtv-users] sluggish system, potential HD failure, and how best to get back up and runnin

Gabe Rubin gaberubin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 16:01:58 UTC 2014

My system was extremely non-responsive last night.  I saw these messages
spammed to the console:
systemd-journald failed to write entry ignoring read-only

And when I tried to start up certain services like httpd, I saw these
Warning: Unit file of httpd.service changed on disk, 'systemctl --system
daemon-reload' recommended.

>From some basic google searching, it appears these messages are symptoms of
a hard drive going bad.  This is not that surprising that this HD would go
bad because it is fairly old.

So I am thinking of replacing it (unless anyone believes this indicates
something that is not HD failing).  This HD contains the OS (Fedora) and
database and all non-media files (I have all my recordings on a newer 2TB
drive segregating the DB off that).  I had two questions:

1) Is getting a SSD worth it?  Will it speed up my performance?  Is there
an issue with storing the DB and having the multiple writes that occur
daily on the DB be on a SSD?

2) Assuming the dying drive is not dead yet, what is the easiest way to
mirror the drive over to a new drive so I don't have to do a full
re-install and set up (and remember) all my configurations.  Just setting
up lirc can take a few hours, so I would prefer to avoid doing a reinstall
of myth from scratch.

Thanks in advance
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