[mythtv-users] Zoneminder + Myth 0.27

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Sun Mar 2 10:29:28 UTC 2014

On 02/03/14 07:03, Michelle Dupuis wrote:
> I had ZM running great with Myth 0.25 - it had run for years just 
> fine.  Well I upgraded Myth to 0.27 and now it can't connect to ZM 
> anymore.
> It's been too long since I've had to play with this...can someone 
> point me to the steps I need to take to make ZM play nicely with Myth 
> 0.27?
> Thanks!

It's difficult to say without more information but here's a few things 
to check.

- 0.27 will only work with ZoneMinder 1.24.0 or later

- I've heard there is a problem with either some distro or a version of 
ZM that doesn't update the version number in /etc/zm.conf
   If the version in here doesn't match the installed version then 
myhzmserver can have problems.

- The version of mythzmserver  and the version of the frontend plugin 
must match.
   If you have one system with ZoneMinder and Myth on and another with 
just Myth on they must be using the same Myth version.

- There are a few things that could stop mythzmserver from running but 
I'd need to see the log from it to be sure.

Both the frontend log and the mythzmserver log will likely tell you what 
the problem is.

Paul H.

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