[mythtv-users] 0.27.1-fixes Recording rule behaves as a power recording rule

Angela angela.schmid at wolke7.net
Mon Jun 16 18:44:18 UTC 2014

> This sounds like the programs all have the same seriesid.  Normal
> rules don't match on just exact titles.  They also match on seriesid.
> change was made a year or two ago to catch the cases where broadcasters or
> producers change program titles for various reasons.
> It's strange, though, that the 'new' recordings only show up at the last
> minute.  I'm pretty sure all of the options for showing upcoming
> account for the seriesid matching.  Are you using EIT?  My best guess is
> the broadcaster is changing the EIT data either right before or even after
> program starts.  Can you chack the seriesid for one of the programs before
> (when it isn't scheduled) and after it actually records?  To do so, go to
> EPG and press INFO twice. 
> FWIW, when the seriesid matching was added, we also added a 'This series'
> recording filter to allow excluding programs from other series which
> happen to have the same title.  We don't currently, however, have a
> complementary 'This title' filter to exclude cases like yours.  For now,
> have to use a custom rule to match just the exact titles you want to

Hi David,
I investigated the DB program table during an hour.
The seriesid is only updated in EIT table 78 and 79 present/following. I
noticed that it sometimes is updated at the time the recording starts. 
For the specific recording I didn't have a seriesid today, if this is a
coincident, but it explains, that I didn't had a recording every day.

I forged a future program with the specific recording title and seriesid,
and I can confirm that Upcoming and Upcoming by Title are behaving correct.

As I generally don't have future seriesid I got confused about the programs
listet in the Upcoming lists.
In the record table I only have a few recording rules with seriesid, the
"Tagesschau" has one.
I saw that some "Tagesschau" had a different seriesid. They had different
regular starting times, therefor I think the EPG supplier creates a new
Building my recordings based on the seriesid doesn't make sense for me, I
have a daily sql update job, in which I will remove the seriesid in the
record table.
Also the seriesid is maintained different depending on the channel, keeping
it simple, just based on the title seems to be the best for me.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction,

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