[mythtv-users] Zero-length recordings

Mike Bibbings mike.bibbings at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 12:58:54 UTC 2014

On 01/01/14 12:19, Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
> I set up my FE/BE combo about a year ago with Mythbuntu 12.04 and Myth
> 0.25. I had a couple of false starts setting up both the hardware and
> the software.
> I reported getting random zero-length recordings to this list. The
> suggestion[1] was to delete all video sources, reconfigure them and
> rescan for channels. I didn't have the tuits at the time, but when I
> did, the zero-length recordings continued.
> Over Christmas, I finally found time to upgrade to 0.27 (really flawless
> process - thanks to all - it only took me ~30 minutes, and most of that
> what download time). I had hoped that this might fix the problem - but no.
> When the recording fails, live TV doesn't work either.
> On occasion, when a recording has been important enough to me to check
> as they start, continual reboots were enough to get things going.
> The system shuts itself down and wakes automatically, so it often
> reboots several times a day. It often seems that either all or none of
> the recordings fail between a pair of adjacent reboots and the problem
> doesn't seem to be channel-dependent.
> I don't think the problem is the backend crashing as reported on the
> wiki[2], as the frontend can still access it.
> Any suggestions?
> Regards
> Jeff
> [1] http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2013-March/348210.html
> [2] http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Zero_length_recordings
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My first guess on this is that the order your tuner cards (you seem to 
have DVB-C and DVB-S2 cards) are detected changes between reboots. Have 
you done anything to fix the allocation order?

I use a .conf file in /etc/modprobe.d/ to make sure the tuner cards are 
assigned in a fixed order e.g.

# Force consistent dvb adapter numbering for use with mythtv backend
# TBS 6981 dvb-s2
options cx23885 adapter_nr=4,5,6,7
# disable tbs ir i.e. set to 0, 1 =enable
options cx23885 enable_tbs_ir=0

# tbs 6280 dvb-T/T2 Freeview
options saa716x_tbs-dvb enable_ir=0
# change interrupt from old style to new MSI
options saa716x_tbs-dvb int_type=1

It is also possible to use udev rules to obtain consistent order of cards.


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