[mythtv-users] vdpau switches tv off (or blanks it?)

Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk
Sat Sep 29 21:53:23 UTC 2012

Den 29/09/2012 13.43 skrev "Scott Moncrieff" <scottcmoncrieff at gmail.com>:
> I had the same problem with my frontend running on an atom board. It
ended up being a setting withing the vdpau profile. No idea how it happend
though, the picture just went in the middle of watching something.

Hah, I had almost forgotten about that issue...I don't know if it's the
same issue as Nick is seeing, but it's for sure the same issue I had just
over a year ago:

I reinstalled my frontend OS multiple times with no luck. Whenever I
changed the frontend name (to get a clean set of settings), it was only a
matter of time before the issue reappeared. One time it lasted a couple of
days, but the next time it only lasted 5 minutes. In the end, before giving
up and purchasing some new non-VDPAU capable hardware, I bruteforced all of
the VDPAU video playback settings. I came to exactly the same conclusion as
you; remove the vdpaucolorspace filter setting and the problem goes away
_permanently_. I never managed to figure out if it was a bug in the NVIDIA
drivers, the VDPAU library or in MythTV.

Best regards
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