[mythtv-users] No external channel change input box for Hauppauge 1600 digital

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri Sep 28 18:45:44 UTC 2012

On 9/27/2012 16:16, Adrian Fox wrote:
> I think that connecting the cable box to the analog input will not work
> since the box outputs digital.  I verified that by hooking it up to an
> actual TV that is only digital.  Another possible solution is to use
> MythTV "events" to call the channel-changer script.  However, then I
> need to somehow keep the tuner card on channel 3/4 (depending on what
> the box is set to output on).

Incorrect. Boxes don't output digital, because digital modulators are 
expensive. I've only ever heard of one TV service that gave out digital 
modulators, which was used to remodulate the incoming satellite signals 
to ATSC for use on early digital televisions. They haven't made that 
available in over a decade.

Channel "3" or "4" is an analog channel. Were it digital, you would need 
a second number for a program ID to indicate which video stream within 
that digital data stream you wanted to display. That's why if you scan 
digital broadcasts with your TV, channels always have two numbers, 
rather than one. Your TV actually has what is called a "hybrid" tuner, 
which can do both analog and digital. It is not digital only.

In order to capture the output from that minibox, you need to use the 
separate analog input on your HVR-1600, and you need to configure a 
separate device of the MPEG type in mythtv-setup. When you select that 
type from the dropdown, MythTV should autodetect your card at 
/dev/video0. When using that type, you will have the option of telling 
it to pre-tune to channel 3, and use an external channel changer.

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