[mythtv-users] Delete Oldest not working

Robert Dege livemotion at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 15:09:45 UTC 2012


I want to keep exactly 15 episodes of Sesame Street on mythtv.  As new
episodes record, the oldest shows should be deleted, with the exception of
ones that specifically preserve.  I've been trying to get this to work over
the past two weeks, with little success.

At first, I tried to configure it using mythweb, but that didn't work
(Recording Schedule -> Sesame Street -> No. of recordings to keep)

I tried to configure it through mythfrontend, but that didn't work either
(TV -> Schedule Recording -> Upcoming Recordings -> Sesame Street -> Edit
Options -> Storage Options)

After fiddling with the settings, mythweb, and mythfrontend had conflicting
values.  mythfrontend showed 17 max shows (set as part of my testing),
while mythweb still showed 15.  Both now reflect the same number of shows,
yet myth is still recording past the max value.  Recorded programs shows 17
episodes have been recorded, with the latest show recorded this morning.

What am I missing??

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