[mythtv-users] Wiki on MythVideo lacks tag/variable defs

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Thu Sep 27 01:30:52 UTC 2012

I have ISO's I like to play back that under 0.25 I haven't made work yet. (So I'm doing it now)

Right now, they don't play back with the internal player. So I wanted to switch back to Xine (which I used to use)

but I didn't write down the File Association command line... and now when I look at MythVideo's Wiki pages,
the section for configuring external players is completely lacking on the tags like %s (which doesn't work, BTW.. is this the one I should be using? It resolves to "myth://video@host:port/filename" and I have NFS mounted up to handle the file directly if needed.

With all the changes to 0.25, I'm not sure how this should be done anymore and the wiki isn't as clear either.

(googling online yields a lot of posts from over 3+ years ago)

Little help?



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