[mythtv-users] Virtualisation .. can it do this? (HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L)

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 14:15:46 UTC 2012

Damian wrote:

>>I'd suggest keeping some space spare - in the grand scheme of a PVR 
>>with perhaps TB of space, a few tens of gig is not a lot to 
>>"waste". It'll earn it's keep the first time you want to upgrade - 
>>it's a lot easier switching back to a working setup than restoring 
>>it from a backup ! Plus, you can leave your "upgrade in progress" 
>>intact and come back to it later.
>I like your idea Simon! And yes, a few gig out of a 2.3TB system is 
>no great loss.
>I have no problem installing ubuntu wherever I want it. Setting 
>mount point etc is very straight forward with the setup. However, I 
>have no idea how I would switch between one partition and another at 
>boot time. Would that involve installing something like grub as 
>well, or is there another way of switching between two bootable 
>Any you probably saw this question coming .. is there a GUI program 
>that can help with this :-)

Grub will be installed by default, and should (someone correct me if 
this is wrong) put up a menu at boot time listing available boot 
options. Initially you'll just have the one OS (with options for 
normal or single-user modes).

When you install the second OS, you'll have the option to 
install/update Grub - and it should find the earlier one as well. 
After that, you'll find you have 4 boot options (2x OS, each with 
normal or single-user). It will default to the first entry, not sure 
which that will be.

So when you boot, it will default to one OS - but you have the option 
to boot a different one if you press a key within the 5s timeout.

No idea if there's a GUI for it - not used to using GUIs for this 
sort of thing.

Simon Hobson

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