[mythtv-users] Problems with Nvidia 7050 S-Video setup after Debian upgrade.

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Wed Sep 26 14:00:07 UTC 2012


Wanted to toss this out here to see if I am missing something.

I performed a much needed Linux / Debian upgrade on my Mythtv master and 
slave backends.  The master has been back up and running for weeks now, 
but the Debian slave has never recovered from the upgrade.

The Debian slave upgrade went really badly and I have only recently got 
the eth0 port working simply be purging and re-installing Debian 
packages.  The current problem involves executing "startx".  Most of the 
time the Debian slave locks up to the point where I can not even ssh 
into it.

I have poured over the files in /var/log and have yet to see the 
problem.  The latest theory is that there may be an ACPI problem.  But 
after about a dozen boots where I set "acpi=off" I am starting to doubt 

I have managed to run "top" on an ssh login while the Debian slave locks 
up.  I don't see any processor hogging processes.  But I do see the load 
average creep up from below 1 to over 4 in a matter of minutes.  It is 
just a darn weird problem to track down.  Most of the time the Debian 
slave simply immediately locks up and I don't get any data as to why.

I have uninstalled and installed so many nvidia and x11 packages I am 
blue in the face.  Clearly, at this point, it would have been much much 
easier to start over with a fresh install.  But before I do that I 
thought I'd check here to see if any had insight to th

Currently the Debain slave is running  kernel 3.2.0-3-rt-686-pae and the 
Nvidia hard ware is:
> 00:12.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C68 [GeForce 7050 PV / nForce 630a] (rev a2)

I am starting to think that, perhaps, S-Video is no longer supported / 
tested.  I only have a few ideas left.  One of them is to boot w/o the 
S-Video plugged into the card to see if the card is doing any detecting 
of the S-Video cable or equipment.

If any of you have other ideas, please let me know.


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