[mythtv-users] Script for viewing Frontend status in MythWeb?

Chris Watson mythtv-users at needhammarket.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 13:37:24 UTC 2012

On 26 September 2012 14:18, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> On 09/26/2012 05:41 AM, Chris Watson wrote:
>> On 25 September 2012 14:40, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>> On 09/24/2012 08:06 AM, Chris Watson wrote:
>>>> I was just wondering if anybody has produced a script for viewing the
>>>> status of one or more frontends within MythWeb?
>>> Have you looked at the remote control support in MythWeb?  You even get a
>>> screenshot showing what that frontend is doing when using it...
>> I can't see a way to enable this in my installation
>> (0.25.2+fixes.20120922.0817eb2-0ubuntu0mythbuntu4) - and also no
>> mention in the MythWeb wiki?
> Click "Remote" on the MythWeb home page.
> You must enable:
> Enable Network Remote Control interface
> This enables support for controlling mythfrontend over the network.
> in mythfrontend settings on each frontend on which you'd like to use the
> feature.
> Mike
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Found it - thank you.  I never get below the horizontal menu bar on
that front page and had never noticed that option before!

I do have network remote control interface enable on my frontends for
Android control, so I'll have a play with it, thank you.

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