[mythtv-users] HELP! 64bit Mythbuntu spontaneously reboots (32bit didn't)

David Edwards david at more.fool.me.uk
Tue Sep 25 07:54:08 UTC 2012

On 24 Sep 2012 22:49, "Kingsley Turner" <krt at krt.com.au> wrote:
> Any further advice?

I can't give advice, but I can say that I've had pretty much all those
symptoms over the past 6 months on my Zotac Atom/Ion FE. I'd had the freeze
with repeated audio loop occasionally for years and suspected ALSA.
Eventually I upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 so I could upgrade from 0.24 to
0.25. Then I moved from diskless to a new 12.04 install on an SSD. All
32-bit. My BE is still on 10.04.

Somewhere along that route, stability hit a horrific low. Frequent reboots
and freezes of many different kinds. The kids practically stopped watching
TV, so it had its benefits. But after some extended troubleshooting, I
finally saw a RAM test that failed. While replacing the RAM, a tiny 8mm
long sliver of metal (a shaving from the case?) appeared that had been
lodged on the motherboard under the RAM sockets. Anyway, this exercise
solved the random reboots and some of the freezes.

The remaining FE freezes were fixed by correcting a pm-utils bug (see my
recent thread on that). My FE now seems to be very stable...

Other stuff I've hit along the way:

1. The original nvidia drivers in 12.04 can cause xorg to crash. I now use
the x-swat PPA version.

2. I read reports of random reboots with the 3.2 kernel which were fixed in
3.4. I tried installing a 3.4 kernel, but it made no different for me so I

3. As well as the pm-utils issue I mentioned, I've previously had other
problems that only happen after suspend/resume, but not after a reboot.

FWIW, the only significant problems I've experienced that haven't had clues
in the logs have been hardware or nvidia driver issues.

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