[mythtv-users] Recorded Program not In Recoreded List

Scott harris scott.harris0509 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 03:22:26 UTC 2012


I started having some troubles while viewing a recording tonight, and nailed it down to a failing hard drive.  This drive is a separate drive in my backend and is used exclusively for recordings.  At the time I nailed it down, shows were recording, and I just let them go because it hasn’t actually failed yet.  Now that recordings are all over, I have remove this drive from my storage groups and am in the process of moving all recordings on it to other drives in my storage group and will then replace the drive.

The problem I am having is one of tonight’s recordings can’t be found anywhere in any of the UI’s...frontends don’t see it, mythweb doesn’t see it.  However, the entry for it is in the database recorded table, I found the actual file for it in my storage groups (not in the failing drive), find_orphans.py doesn’t see anything wrong, it showed in “Upcoming Recordings” on mythweb while it was recording and I even started stream it with no troubles; near as I can tell, it exists but can’t find it to watch it.  The only thing unusual about it is when the recording actually should have ended, it was still showing as “recording” in mythweb’s “Upcoming Recordings” though “Status” in mythweb showed no tuners active.

Anyone have any ideas how I can get this recording back in my UIs for viewing?

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