[mythtv-users] Raspbmc (Raspberry Pi XBMC) Announces MythTV support

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 17:22:51 UTC 2012

> I have no idea how well it works and I don't know what the interface is
> like, I just happened upon this article today at lunch:

There are in fact 3 media player distros for the Raspi: Xbian,
OpenElec, and Raspbmc. I tried OpenElec, but it seems native myth://
support in XBMC is currently broken (cmyth throws a
"cmyth_rcv_old_int64: cmyth_rcv_u_long() failed" error). Since the
error is in XBMC/cmyth I assume that Raspbmc and Xbian are broken too,
but haven't had a chance to try them on my Pi yet.

As an alternative to the native support, there's also a MythBox
"plugin" for XBMC. It's broken too (crashes on launch), but if you
enable debug mode via the XBMC GUI you can then launch it and it
appears to work ok from then on.

As an alternative to MythBox, I can play 1080i ATSC MPEG2 files over
Samba (after I purchased the codec of course). Sadly there's a delay
and a loud audio crackle every time you seek forward/back so it's not
terribly usable.

AFAIK there's no point in running the actual Myth FE on a Raspi, since
Myth does not support OpenMAX (required for hardware-assisted video

In short, Myth on Raspi is still in it's infancy. But I have high
hopes for the future.

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