[mythtv-users] Delete to here /stop a recording without deleting it.

bhaskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Sat Sep 22 14:09:12 UTC 2012

One feature that I would like to see in myth is a "delete to here" function.
As an example: I want to record my favourite show ( "60 Minutes" ) and 
CBS has
delayed the start because they have some kind of jock thing that must be
played to the end even including those never ending comments after the 
thing ends.
I often end up setting up the recording for two hours so that I  don't 
miss anything.
It would be nice to have a control that would dump everything ahead of a 
set point.\\

I know this can be edited out, but at least for me it is a very time 
intensive process
especially on long recordings.

(2) Is there a way to end a in-process recording without loosing that 
that is already recorded?

If the answers to either of these is in the documentation, I apologise 
for not finding it.


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