[mythtv-users] Software for ripping sub title into a file

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Sat Sep 22 10:46:09 UTC 2012

Yeechang Lee wrote:
> Can ccextractor be used to rip just the subs from DVDs?

That's what I originally was doing.  I'd copy the dvd to the disk to 
speed things up and then run ccextractor on the isos.  The description 
from the sourceforge page:


*What's CCExtractor?*

A tool that analyzes video files and produces independent subtitle files 
from the closed captions data. CCExtractor is portable, small, and very 
fast. It works in Linux, Windows, and OSX.

*What kind of closed captions does CCExtractor support?*

American TV captions (CEA-608 is well supported, and CEA-708 is starting 
to look good) and Teletext based European subtitles.


And as Jim suggested, you may also want to try mythccextractor.


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