[mythtv-users] LiveTV issues & 0.25, 0.26/master

Andrew Stadt acstadt at stadt.ca
Fri Sep 21 16:47:23 UTC 2012

I know this is not exactly a fix for people, but I though I'd put it out 
there as food for thought.

Like several other people on this list I've been unable to upgrade from 
0.24 (well, I could do the upgrade but the WAF dropped to the point 
where  myth was doomed) due to issues with LiveTV (video frame 
buffering, jump program file, etc).

I had recently picked up a used HD-PVR to replace a HVR1600 (which in 
turn replaced a failing PVR150).  After physically pulling the card from 
the system, virtually all my LiveTV issues went away.  It wasn't enough 
to simply remove the configuration from Myth, the card had to be 
actually removed from the system.  More or less out of curiosity, I 
tried putting a 150 then a 350 into the working system and the problems 
started immediately. So, without any IVTV cards, I'm happily running 
master again.

I'm not sure it was something in the device handling that changed or 
just something with the changes in event handling/timing/locks.  The 
only odd thing I can say is that my system's iowait% dropped considerably.



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