[mythtv-users] Fresh 12.04. Normal Audio on Desktop, Static with internal player

Andy mizeraka at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 14:13:09 UTC 2012

I have a fresh installation of Mythbuntu with the 12.04 LTR. I have been unable to get audio working inside of Mythtv (Internal Player).

Desktop audio works fine, speaker-test from the command line works fine.  All of my videos will play through VLC fine.  My recorded TV shows will play fine with normal outside of the internal player (I upnp them to my PlayStation).

I have scanned for audio and I have gone through every available option in the Audio configuration screen in the Mythtv Frontend, with no luck. 
I am getting white/pink noise from the audio test from the Audio setup screen within Mythtv - although that sounds similar to what I am getting while trying to watch a video, so I didn't know that was how it was supposed to sound.  From a terminal, I can do 

Code:speaker-test -twav -c2
and get the voice.

When I try to play something through Mythtv's internal player I get only static.  I can't mute this static, or change its volume from within Mythtv.  Audio is going out through the HDMI cable (which works fine from the desktop).

I also have a remote FE which is connected to its TV with a VGA cable and a mini-stereo plug.  It is having the same problem.

I'm sure it is a setting that I haven't set correctly from within Mythtv, but I can't figure out what that setting is.  I have tried every conceivable combination of the advanced audio options from within Mythtv's frontend.

I posted this on ubuntuforums.org as well, and someone suggested a mythfrontend log.  I will post that this evening, but I wanted to check here as well to see if there was other information that may be useful.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

Andy M.
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