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Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Thu Sep 20 15:41:19 UTC 2012

>  I'm one of the biggest advocates of "opening up" Myth's content to other
>>> media players... I use Plex, XBMC, Orb, and who knows what else all in an
>>> effort to have my media available wherever I want, whenever I want. But
>>> when
>>> I'm at home, nothing beats the usability of the Myth FE. Sure it can be
>>> buggy, and maybe kludgy at times, but it's by far the best way to browse
>>> and
>>> play all of my recordings.
>> I think really that's the root of the problem.  People think "oh, I
>> can just use XBMC or whatever uPNP client comes with my TV" instead of
>> the MythTV frontend.  Then they realize they now have no way to browse
>> the program guide, skip through commercials, see the extended metadata
>> for a recording, or schedule a recording.
>> Those tools are great for casual viewing of existing already recorded
>> content, but they don't outright replace the functionality of
>> MythFrontend.
>> Not that something like Xbmc couldn't be extended to support all of
>> Myth's protocols to do such things, but that certainly hasn't happened
>> to date (and since it's been *years* now, I wouldn't be holding my
>> breath).
>> Devin
>>  There is a PVR addon for XBMC that provides the ability to watch Live TV
> via Myth, Create/Edit/Delete schedules, and view the EPG.
> I agree, that XBMC is leagues ahead of Myth in the Look/Feel/Usability of
> the Frontend.  The XBMC way of group all Movies together, weather recorded
> or ripped from DVD I find excellent, the way it groups TV Shows together by
> series is awesome, the way u scroll down the list of recordings (sorted by
> recording date), select a show and see all your recordings of that show is
> awesome.  It has better lookup of metadata
> I think the question is better aimed at the other Frontend developers
> (XBMC, Boxee, etc), that we would very much like full integration with
> MythTV Backend

I believe there are various such addons, none of which do a great job, and
none are feature complete.  And some things will probably never be
supported.  Now perhaps if the myth frontend devs were to decide that they
would rather focus on making XBMC the new frontend of choice and shift to
working on it, then perhaps it could be complete.  But I have heard some
bad things about the XMBC code... not a programmer myself so perhaps its
just style differences.
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