[mythtv-users] Problems with the new Mythbuntu 25.25 theme

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Wed Sep 19 22:09:59 UTC 2012

On 16 September 2012 16:06, Yeechang Lee <ylee at pobox.com> wrote:

> John Finlay <finlay at moeraki.com> says:
> > I am running an Atom based Nvidia setup using a Zotac ID11 as a
> > frontend.
> Given your Nvidia chipset and, presumably, your use of the proprietary
> Nvidia drivers, your setup's incompatibility with the OpenGL painter
> is very peculiar. I welcome others' experiences with this issue and
> the current version of the Mythbuntu theme.
>  <http://www.mythtv.org/mailman/listinfo/mythtv-users>
I noticed that all these new changes have been rolled back in mythbuntu

personally I had no issues with the new theme changes


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