[mythtv-users] run time wrong after upgrade

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Sep 18 20:20:54 UTC 2012

David Engel <david at istwok.net> says:
> Yes, I am looking into probably related issues, but don't expect any
> real fixes for some time.  It's a tricky issue.  I do have a small
> change I should probably commit to master.  It's not a fix, but
> merely lessens the evilness of one problem I've been seeing.

David, could this issue be the one that caused broken seektable
displays on a whole bunch of my recordings after upgrading to 0.25?
They display "2:01:49 of 2:01:49" (the length of the recording) no
matter the actual position. Seeking and skips do work; the display
just doesn't get updated. mythtranscode --buildindex doesn't fix the
issue (otherwise I wouldn't be writing this), and neither does
mythcommflag --rebuild.

Some other commonalities:

* They're all MPEG-2 from FireWire.
* Audio is present and works, but the playback debug window shows
  audio "Channels: 0".
* Related to the above: When lossless transcoded, they lose their
  audio tracks. (I know this is a longstanding issue with lossless

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