[mythtv-users] Convert mpg to avi

reubencrane@gmail.com reubencrane at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 19:29:24 UTC 2012


I am running mythtv on freebsd. Works great but I am having trouble doing video conversion. I successfully used mythtranscode (had to add season, episode, and another column to the recorder table) to cut commericials and am now trying to use mencoder to convert the resulting mpg to avi(mpeg4 and mp3) I can do a single pass but I wasn't to happy with video quality during scenes with motion. So now I am trying 2 and 3 passes but this always fails on second or third pass. Most of the information I have googled seems dated. So could someone share their preferred method to convert mythtv mpg to reasonable quality file? 


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