[mythtv-users] Backend/Frontend hardware (new system)

Michael Watson michael at thewatsonfamily.id.au
Mon Sep 17 21:36:23 UTC 2012

On 18/09/2012 7:27 AM, Tyler T wrote:
> Do you still intend to record TV for later viewing? I don't see a
> tuner in your hardware list.
> FYI a DVR doesn't require expensive hardware if you're willing to give
> up commflagging* and transcoding**. Pretty much any PC new enough to
> have SATA will work as a backend-only, so you could get some random
> used desktop PC for cheap off Craigslist and run it headless in a
> closet. Then you can use whatever you like for a separate frontend
> such as a WD Live or similar media player***.
> * I prefer manual 30-second skip anyway
> ** Just get a bigger hard drive, not worth the trouble IMHO
> *** Note that using something other than an actual Myth FE will
> require you to schedule recordings via MythWeb, but most probably
> won't find this a dealbreaker
Nor do you really need a big beefy machine for frontend work.
I have several P4 3.0 Ghz Machines with GeForce 8400GS Cards that work 
excellent as frontends.  (There are plenty of SFF HP/Compaq/Dell 
machines that will work perfectly as a frontend)
You can still run commflagging on old machines.  All my frontends assist 
in commflagging jobs whilst powered on.

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