[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu, only mythtv plays sound, doesn't release sound card?

P Orrifolius porrifolius at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 19:19:58 UTC 2012

> Ubuntu 12.04 is notorious for leaving users with no desktop sound after
> upgrade. Nothing to do with MythTV which is just very good in detecting the
> sound system and configuring the sound on its own.
> Install the "pavucontrol" package for pulseaudio and enable the appropriate
> output. Alternatively, create ".asoundrc" file in the user home directory to
> set the default ALSA sound device. There was a thread regarding this
> recently, actually more than one, so search the archive or google for help
> with creating the asoundrc file.

Ok, thanks.  I don't appear to have pulseaudio installed but I'll take
a look into the .asoundrc and see if that helps things.

Though in fact it was a fresh install, and I did actually have sound
for a short period.  I think it was up until the first time I played
content through myth... but the other slightly out-of-the-ordinary
thing I did was try out the linux Spotify client.  It had sound, for a
wee while, but maybe it's at fault for messing up my sound config
somehow.  It's uninstalled now but no change in sound capabilities.


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