[mythtv-users] Very sight sync problem with .mp4 files

ajp at cantabrian.co.nz ajp at cantabrian.co.nz
Sat Sep 15 01:47:55 UTC 2012



I am converting my *.ts files into *.mp4 files using mencoder so that I can
use the mp4 files both under MythTV and on my iPhone. I put the files into
"Videos" as a share on my network.


If I play the files on VLC on my Windows desktop or on my iPhone then sync
seems perfect. If I play through MythTV "Videos" the video has a very very
slight delay behind the audio.


Myth TV recordings, from satellite, do not show any problem.


I have tried changing the "Audio output device" and this has helped a little
and so now it is somewhat subtle but still there. Note the delay does not
get bigger but is consistent even if I jump through the recording. In file
types I have set it to use "Internal".


The frontend is a Fedora 16 Dell laptop running Myth 0.25 using an RPM


Does anyone have any other ideas on things I could try ? I can live with it
but as with things like this, the mere fact you know it's there means you
notice it more and you become more frustrated by it J



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