[mythtv-users] HD-PVR or something else?

Keith Pyle kpyle at austin.rr.com
Fri Sep 14 23:07:09 UTC 2012

On 09/14/12 13:56, Scot Krienkamp wrote:
>> >
>> >How is the current state of HD-PVR support?  As I understand these
>> >devices have been somewhat tricky to get working reliably, and some
>> >people even went so far as to connect them to a remote-control power
>> >module so they could automatically reboot them once a day.  Is that
>> >still the case?  Are there any other options for analog HD capture
>> >that are more stable?
>> >
> I've got an HD-PVR running with no problems.  I had to downgrade the
> firmware to 1.5.7 to get it to record without locking up, but it's got 3
> weeks of uptime and 300+ shows recorded now with zero problems.  The
> firmware is a known problem.  I also use firewire to change channels on the
> STB.  I don't use the blaster.  I've read that firewire works much more
> reliably than the blaster for changing channels.
I bought a HD-PVR recently.  My summary is: It works great for minutes 
at a time.  I have yet to get one successful capture under Myth.

I've done a lot of testing (some of which was reported previously on 
this list) using three different computers, have used both Windows and 
Linux, have used multiple versions of the firmware, and bought an add-in 
USB card to try something other than motherboard USB ports.  The HD-PVR 
only worked consistently under Windows.  Under Linux, whether using Myth 
or doing direct captures from the device, it is far from reliable using 
all of the same cabling that works with Windows (which rules out 
overheating, power supply, cabling, etc.)

I'm leaning toward the hypothesis that the USB implementation of the 
HD-PVR has an issue, possibly some type of timing issue that leads to 
deadlocks.  I understand that many people do have them working, but you 
can see the number of people who have had problems and had to try 
different cables or USB ports, etc.  Also, as you note, there is someone 
who produced a software controlled power switch to reset the HD-PVR.   
All of this should serve as a warning that the HD-PVR is a bit of a crap 
shoot.  You may get a working capture device or you may get a $200 


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