[mythtv-users] My falling out with comcast: they're "banning" direct connections

Wes Hardaker wjhns176 at hardakers.net
Fri Sep 14 20:32:03 UTC 2012

"F.B. Parker" <fbp.mythtv at gmail.com> writes:

> The knology tech came out a couple of weeks ago and installed a
> cablecard in my hdhr prime, which I bought so I could get rid of the
> crappy knology hd dvr/set-top box.

I suspect if I had a prime with a cable-card I probably wouldn't have
the issues I did.  It's more the stupidity that got me to leave, rather
than the technical barriers to make it work [and the $$s I'd have to
spend to make it work when it *was working*].
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