[mythtv-users] HD-PVR or something else?

Joe Hickey jfwd at phlobus.net
Fri Sep 14 14:31:25 UTC 2012

Hi all, I am looking for a bit more advice regarding my new mythtv
setup since I moved.

I'm getting my subscription TV channels through AT&T U-verse.  Since
this is IPTV, makes me think I should just be able to grab them "off
the wire" without needing an extra STB.  Anyone know how this works or
had any success doing this?  I looked on the wiki but didn't see much
about the u-verse.

Nonetheless, right now I've got an STB connected to my old PVR-150 via
S-video.  It works but of course it's only SD.  I do get some
so-called "HD" channels with the service.  They are not as good as
what I get off the antenna, but when I plug the STB directly into my
LCD they are noticeably better than what you get via the SD channels
over S-video and the PVR-150, and of course they are also widescreen.

How is the current state of HD-PVR support?  As I understand these
devices have been somewhat tricky to get working reliably, and some
people even went so far as to connect them to a remote-control power
module so they could automatically reboot them once a day.  Is that
still the case?  Are there any other options for analog HD capture
that are more stable?

What about digital capture, has anyone gotten this to work with U-verse?

Thanks for any info!

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