[mythtv-users] Anybody having problems with SchedulesDirect?

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Fri Sep 14 02:45:25 UTC 2012

>  Try running with '--dd-grab-all'.
>>>>>>> Nope, same issue. Still no guide data.
>>>>>>  Try a reboot.  Have seen several similar issues in the past, at
>>>>> least a
>>>>> few of which were fixed by a reboot.
>>>>> One other user had converted his system to static and forgot to set a
>>>>> DNS server... not sure that is applicable to you.
>>>>> ______________________________**_________________
>>>>> Interesting I have the same problem.
>>>>> When I run it manually from my account it works.
>>>>> So I created a cronjob to run it nightly but under the mythtv account.
>>>>> Same problem.
>>>>> So I removed that cron entry and put it in my account's cron and it all
>>>>> works.
>>>>> I did that as a work around hoping to address the real problem at some
>>>>> time.
>>>>> The reboot did not help me either.
>>>>>   Good call - I tried su - ing to the mythtv user, then firing up
>>>> /bin/bash and running mythfilldatase. Same issues. I'm open to other
>>>> ideas,
>>>> it stinks coming home with no recordings!
>>>>  Did anyone get the output of this:  mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all
>>> --nodblog -v file,network --loglevel debug --logpath /tmp
>>> This is definitely a network or filesystem issue, or an issue with
>>> schedules direct... the logs I have seen so far clearly show failure to
>>> download any listing data.
>>>  Yes, the output I posted earlier was the result of that. I'll dig into
>> the
>> results to see if I can web to the addresses in there.
> No, that was the output of the "flood the log with useless information in
> the hope of obscuring any interesting issues" approach using
> mythfilldatabase -v all.
>  2012-09-13 11:21:10.982153 N  Enabled verbose msgs: all
> Joseph's 2nd request for logs ( http://www.gossamer-threads.**
> com/lists/mythtv/users/527941#**527941<http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/527941#527941>--and, for that matter, his 3rd/the re-request,
> http://www.gossamer-threads.**com/lists/mythtv/users/527981#**527981<http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/527981#527981>) makes more sense than the first request for -v all logs--because the 2nd
> approach tries to get specific extra info that may actually be useful
> (though --nodblog is really unnecessary).
> However, the first log that any user who's having issues should ever post
> should be a default-verbosity log file--as opposed to excerpts from a log.
>  All we got from you was an excerpt of things you thought might be
> relevant.  Generally, though, a user who doesn't understand why something
> isn't working is the worst person in the world to decide which information
> from a log file is relevant.  And, since a default-verbosity log file
> generally has a lot of useful information and isn't too large to post, it's
> always the best starting point.  It's also much better than a log file with
> too much information that might hide important details and, especially, a
> log file with so much information that the user cut out some portion of the
> middle of it, thereby making it hard to figure out what's happening
> overall.  :)
Thanks Michael, I was going to correct him... but it wouldn't have been
nearly as much fun to read as yours response.
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