[mythtv-users] My falling out with comcast: they're "banning" direct connections

Wes Hardaker wjhns176 at hardakers.net
Thu Sep 13 18:40:52 UTC 2012

So, I've been using comcast for years at their most basic level (almost
entirely local channels for $13/mo or so).

Then, about 2 weeks ago all my records of local channels 3 and 10
stopped recording.  And the main TV also couldn't show them, but a
secondary (older but still digital) could.  I delayed calling comcast
for too long because, well, I knew they'd try to blame it on the house
(which hadn't changed).  I even tried moving the HDHR to the cable where
the TV that could receive the channels was located, but that didn't help
the HDHR.

So...  I finally called them yesterday.  They said

   "that's odd, we'll send out a tech tomorrow".

Then someone called back an hour later and said

   "I'm trying to fix your problems sooner if possible, can you check
   your TV?".

So, I turned on both TVs with the same result: one could,
one couldn't.

  "Ok sir, please unplug the cable from your box".

To which I replied:

  "I don't have a box.  There are only basic local channels, so the
  cable goes directly into the TVs"


  "Oh, that has been banned and you are no longer authorized to do that.
  You need converters or set-top boxes.  We can send you D2A converters
  if you like, or you can rent set-top boxes".

Pause on my end while I reeled.

  "Did I hear that right, you banned it?  But they're local channels
  with no need for encryption or anything and it was my understand that
  that's not acceptable to the FCC"

Immediate response:

  "I'm sorry sir, we're banning that all across the entire united
  states.  You must use either a settop box or a D2A converter.  Would
  you like us to send you D2A converters?"

  (mind you, they never explained to me that a D2A convert would cause a
  serious loss of quality in the first place...  At no time did they
  indicate it'd strip the HD signal down to SD and assumed I'd "just be

My response:

  "Thank you for your time"

And then I called the billing department and dropped the service.

I now have the HDHR hooked up to an antenna (which was *much* easier to
set up).  I'll miss some of the channels i was watching that I won't get
OTA, but not nearly as much as I won't-miss-comcast!

Arg.  "banned".  Love it.  (not)

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