[mythtv-users] set password for backend web server?

Josh Rosenberg mythtv at desh.info
Wed Sep 12 15:11:47 UTC 2012


I just learned about the backend web server at port 6544!  It's pretty
fantastic; this (and HLS in particular) might finally convince me that
I don't need a Slingbox alongside my Myth setup.

One problem, though, is security.  I'm concerned that, if I forward
port 6544 at my home IP address to port 6544 of my primary backend,
then anyone can access my recordings.  I would have the same worry
about the mythweb frontend web access, except Mythbuntu supports
adding HTTP Digest password protection for it.  Is there any way I can
do the same for the backend 6544 server?  I am very much a beginner
with Apache, and could perhaps figure out the right stanza to add to a
.htaccess file (though help would be appreciated), but I don't even
know where to find or put said access file...

Note that I'm pretty sure this is a totally different thing than the
admin:mythtv password combination that I needed to install JW Player.

I'm running 0.25 via Mythbuntu 12.04, on a combined FE/BE.



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