[mythtv-users] HDHomeRuns on Separate Subnet

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Tue Sep 11 00:49:09 UTC 2012

>>I just read in this list recently someone mentioning they put their 
>>HDHomeRuns on a separate, self contained network with their backend.  I am 
>>going to do the same because my backend is also my "file >>server" and I 
>>have had times where recordings are cranking, and it take minutes to open 
>>my Quicken file (for example), so I'm looking to alleviate some of this 
>>network congestion.   I can't seem to find >>the post where the person 
>>outlined what they do....I recall they set it up to simply use APIPA.

>>Once I install the second NIC in my backend (tonight, time permitting), 
>>I'll give it an address of 169.254.blah.blah and it will be hooked up to a 
>>4 port switch with my HDHomeRuns and nothing else.  I >>know the 
>>HDHomERuns will also get 169.254.blah.blah addresses once DHCP fails.

>>My big question is, do I have to do anything internally on my backend 
>>machine (routing, etc) to allow mythbackend running on eth0 192.168.1.x be 
>>able to see and use the data from the HdHomeRuns on >>eth1 
>>169.254.blah.blah?  I'm running Mythbutnu 12.04.  My cards are NOT setup 
>>by ip address, they are setup by HdHomeRun IDs.

>On the backend, force it to pick a 169.254..x.x address by using the 
>following lines in your interfaces file ('ipv4ll' is a relatively new 
>option, easier than using 'static'):

>auto eth1
>iface eth1 inet ipv4ll

>No need to configure routes, the HDHR's will not be accessible to devices 
>on your existing network, but your backend should have no problem seeing 

Thanks, worked great. 

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