[mythtv-users] Replacing half height NVidia GT430

Tyler T tylernt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 17:11:38 UTC 2012

> I presume that heat sink size
> required to go fanless is physically impossible in the half height form
> factor.

Agreed. I've found that fanless is much harder/hotter than I thought.
Even an undervolted fan blowing a mere whisper of air cools much
better than passive. For example, I replaced the noisy heatsink/fan on
my card with a passive northbridge cooler and aimed a 40mm fan running
at 5 volts at it. It keeps my GPU temps around 70°C in a
poorly-ventilated Mini-ITX case.

These chips are specc'ed to like 90-100°C so I'm not even on the
ragged edge of the limit, thanks to one nearly silent fan.

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